On New Responsibilities

Things have gotten interesting in the five months since pulling the plug on this blog.

Jillian and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our lives.  Astrid Suzanne Wheeler was born on June 28th, and we couldn't be happier.

Astrid will be nine weeks old tomorrow, and she's already ahead of the curve as far as baby milestones go.  She recognized (and responded to) my voice mere minutes after birth, was able to hold her head up on her own at two weeks, became aware of her surroundings at four weeks, can now recognize objects and people on sight, and spoke her first word a couple of days ago.

The word was apple... damn you, Steve Jobs!

And to top it off, she's started teething.  At nine weeks.

And to think we've complained about sleepless nights before...

Asti and daddy, enjoying a nap together

Seriously though, Asti has been a bundle of joy and a source of happiness for all around her.  She has a cute laugh, an infectious smile, and is an attention-grabber.  Old ladies seem to be especially affected by her charm.

Old lady magnet and her Daddy

She's been a lot of work, as most newborns are... perhaps more so given her advanced development.  We have a feeling she'll be walking at six months, speaking full sentences by ten months, and hacking mainframes by 12 months.  However we'll let her develop normally (and at her own pace) without pushing her.

It's a weird feeling, knowing that you're responsible for another human being's life and welfare... especially when you haven't been overly concerned about your own for years.  Plans, projects, and priorities have to be shifted around, changed, or dropped entirely, and decompression time is a rare and valued commodity.

I look at parenthood not so much as a new project or goal, but rather as an investment: we put our time, effort, money, and love into our little girl so that she grows up to be a well-rounded, educated, and well-adjusted individual.  One capable of making her own decisions, carving her own path, and living her own life.

Hopefully, she stays off the Terrorism Watch List until she's at least thirteen.


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