Friday, March 21, 2014

My Arm Can Only Twist So Far: Welcome to Conceit and Sociopathy 5.0

In an attempt to undermine my already diminished credibility, I begin the latest chapter in what appears to be a blog cursed with immortality.

Today marks the beginning of the sixth incarnation of Conceit and Sociopathy (my return from Tripod Blogs was version 2.5) and so far it seems to be more-of-the-same. So far.  There are going to be a few changes made in terms of content and delivery, but those will happen when they happen.

If you're wondering why I'm reopening the book after closing it only a few weeks ago, it's because the next chapter is aching to be written.  You see, I'd meant to take a loooong vacation from blogging.  The well had run dry, and frankly I'd gotten bored.

Of course, not two days after I posted my most recent "final post", ideas started flooding into my head.  Some funny, some painful, some inspirational.  I tried to stave off the blogging bug, but when a longtime reader asked me how long this hiatus was going to last, I caved.  Some people know me too well, and my arm can only twist so far...

So, I've updated the FAQ to reflect this newest revision:

"Q. Why does the title of your blog include a version number (4.0, 5.0, etc)?
A1.  I have a nasty habit of becoming bored and/or disenchanted with blogging (and the internet in general) from time to time.  When this happens, I either go on a hiatus or end the blog entirely.  I invariably end up regretting this decision and start it up again.  The version number indicates the number of times I've done this.
A2.  Someone (likely a self-appointed blogging expert) once told me that the average "readable" lifespan of a blog is only a couple of years.  I tend to enjoy mocking convention, so each revision marks the end of one lifecycle, and the beginning of the next.
A3.  Each revision is a chapter in my life.  As this is largely a personal diary I've posted to the web, if you were to read my blog from the beginning to the end, you'll notice that I've changed a number of times since 2006 (or 2002 if you read my old website before I started here).
A4.  I switched to a different site/blogging system (Tripod, Blogger) or changed its format, and revised accordingly.
A5.  All of the above."

As for what C&S 5.0 will bring, there will be a slight change in content as I focus less on computers and technology, and more on life, Winnipeg, neighbourhoods, walkability, and how it all relates to me.

Conceit and Sociopathy 5.0:  Same functionality, more software bloat.

Monday, March 3, 2014

This Chapter is Finished, the Future Is Yet to Be Written. (UPDATED THRICE)

Well folks, today marks the end of Conceit and Sociopathy 4.0.

I'm closing the book, so to speak, on this blog.  However, I'm not putting the book back on the bookshelf just yet, there may or may not be a Conceit and Sociopathy 5.0 in the future.  Time will tell.

Truth told, I really don't have the passion for it anymore.  Haven't for the last couple of years.  Perhaps I've settled down since I got married and had a child.  Perhaps, since my conversion, my antisocial tendencies and anger issues have largely subsided.  Perhaps hipsters really did ruin alcoholism for me*.  Perhaps it's all of the above?

Or maybe, despite my best efforts, I've finally grown up.

Yup.  That's it.

So that's that. The end of an era.  Will I be missed?  Maybe by the spambots and aggregators.  My social media presence will also diminish in the coming days, as I focus on older protocols no longer in fashion.

While I'm largely immune to the blogging bug by this point, new strains are emerging every day, ones that are resistant to vaccines or antibiotics.  You never know... I may be back.

Until then,

*Hipsters Ruined Alcoholism For Me was an article I wrote recently but never posted.  It's still in my drafts folder, never to see the light of day.  It dealt with me trying to find (online) an old Sazerac recipe I liked, only to find most Sazerac drinkers are an elitist, fussy bunch of cocksuckers, at a level rivalling most Martini drinkers.  I eventually gave up and went back to drinking straight bourbon until ulcer # 4 hit.

You know what else you'll miss?  If You Meet the Buddha, Kill the Buddha, another draft article detailing the time when I finally met a certain local blogger whom I respected (name withheld), and whom I came to discover, after some conversation, was a lousy human being... and our brief physical altercation (which I duly won).  Never posted for legal reasons.