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Happy New Year, and Changes Afoot

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all (both?) my readers! We're two weeks into 2024 and, I gotta tell you, it's been a mixed bag so far.  Apart from my usual bonecrushing, soul-destroying work stress, poor Astrid had bronchitis over her Christmas holidays... which kept her in bed for nearly a week (ever see a ten year old sleep til noon on Christmas day?).  Bronchitis and RSV have been running rampant through local schools this winter, and Astrid was not spared.  When her cough outlasted her medication, we took her to the doctor... where she was diagnosed with Asthma, just like her mom and maternal grandmother. Rachel and I somehow managed to stay healthy throughout it all, even after movie nights at the school, Holiday concerts, and so on.  Small miracles, I guess... Work's been rough.  My big project of 2023 has been implemented, and we're now dealing with several issues that have arisen since going live.  The majority of these are due to edge-case scena

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