Kiss Candies, Hallowe'en in Winnipeg


I loved Hallowe'en as a kid.  I mean, when else can you get free candy without resorting to petty theft or being enticed into a stranger's van?  Never, that's when... and nothing says Hallowe'en to me quite like Kiss Candies!


You know what I mean... the orange-wrappered molasses candy everyone seems to hate.  Kiss Candies are my fondest memory of Hallowe'en.  They were the first thing I ate once all the little chocolate bars were gone, well before I dug into the suckers and weird European candies the people down the block gave out.

Seriously, I loved these things.  I used to squeeze a handful of them together and roll 'em into a big ball of molasses flavoured death, then take a huge bite out of the thing.  I found it was a great way to free loose baby teeth, second only to Mackintosh Toffee!

I really don't understand the hatred people hold for Kiss Candies.  If you're one of those godless heathens folks, I'm curious to know why you hate them so much.  Feel free to let me know in the comments (you'll need a Google account to do so).


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