A Lost Fish Always Looks Big

I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon salvaging what I could of this blog's previous iteration from archive.org.  All told I've lost eleven posts, all from 2021... everything between January 5th and September 30th.

I'm not too broken up about it, as I really couldn't tell you what many of those posts were about.  Knowing me, they were probably music videos, promises of things to come "for real this time", making fun of people I perceive to be of substandard intelligence, updates about my family, and so on.  Might have even complained about my job at some point.  No big loss.

Well, I shouldn't say that... there were two posts I regret losing - the first was a memorial post I wrote to mourn the passing of Jim Jaworski, an acquaintance whom I knew from the old New Winnipeg forum, also from my brief time in the TRUWinnipeg urbanist/subway advocacy group (I left when they got really nasty).  The second post was a play-by-play of a Car Wars gaming session I'd recapped in a TV sports commentary format... similar to the more recent one on my gaming blog.  I still have the rough draft in my Joplin journal, but I've lost all the embellishments I added after the fact.  I could rewrite it, but meh... the moment has passed.

Of the resurrected posts, I'm happy to have recovered the final two posts in my Never Let Your Magazine Run Dry series.  I'm only just getting back into my magazines again, and the topic couldn't be more timely, as I'll explain in a later post.

Until then...


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