There Are Lights On In the Old Abandoned House on Blogger Street

 The boards came off the windows, and now there are lights on at the old, abandoned house on Blogger St.  The doors have been replaced, and the broken, weathered wooden sign that swung in the breeze has now been fixed and... repainted?!  

Is... is someone... or something... living there?


Truth told, I never really left. Been haunting the place since I boarded up the ol' blog. In fact, it's the only one of my four or five blogs that I didn't delete back in April.  No idea why I kept it around, but I did.  Guess I always knew I'd return home at some point.

So, I'm throwing open the doors once again and laying out the welcome mat.  Today seemed appropriate, as today marks the 14th anniversary of Conceit and Sociopathy, started OTD in 2006.

No idea how often or how infrequently I'm going to update this thing, but I'm back.  Update to follow.


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