You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

I just can't leave well enough alone...

... and so, for the fourth time in its history, Conceit and Sociopathy returns from its slumber.

I've found myself wanting a more instantaneous outlet when it came to venting.  My original intent was to blog over at my so-called "professional" site, while saving the more... interesting... stuff for my personal website.  While a good idea in theory, the practice would prove to be a bad idea.  As Dove Grace Design is (eventually) meant to be my professional site, I wanted to keep it relatively clean and controversy-free.  Which meant saving the mean-spirited, questionable, and/or cringe-worthy stuff for Conceited Jerk Dot Com.

I found this arrangement lacking.  Having to censor myself for "professional" reasons proved to be taxing, and having to hand-code HTML (as is my mandate) for my personal site took too much time and did little to foster the spontaneity and off-the-cuff/knee-jerk philosophy of my old blog.

As I chiefly write for an audience of one (myself), I looked into keeping a journal.  Journalling is the new scrapbooking, you know!  I tried keeping a daily journal (on paper) but found carrying it around with me everywhere to be inconvenient.  I tried using DayNotez* on my Palm Treo 650 as my daily journal (along with its Desktop counterpart) and found it a bit more convenient, as my phone is always with me.  However, I found I couldn't write for an extended period of time - the small keyboard wreaked havoc on my 40-year-old fingers.

After a bit of research, I discovered online journal site Evernote.  I tried it (and it's mobile equivalent for Blackberry) for a few weeks, but pretty much gave up after my Blackberry died.

With all options proving unsatisfactory, I made the decision to revive Conceit and Sociopathy.

So... let's get down to it!

*Seriously, if you still use a PalmOS device in this day and age, you'd do well to check out Natara's Smartphone Bundle, still available for purchase, which includes their DayNotez journal, the Comet call logger, and Bonsai outliner.  Each of the three will interact with each other, which makes for a handy combination.  I use these (in conjunction with their Windows Desktop counterparts) in both my personal and professional life.


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