Fait Accompli


It took all day, but I've tagged all three hundred or so posts on C&S.

I tried to be creative when naming each tag, to keep things somewhat interesting.  Feel free to explore the tag cloud in the right sidebar, you may uncover a hidden gem.  Then again, you may not.

Speaking of hidden gems, there are a number of older posts I'm going to delete in the next few days.  Some were little more than single line posts that were announcing future posts I never got around to writing, some were incomplete thoughts, some were meant to stay as drafts, and others... well...

Going through my older posts was educational.  It's really interesting to see how I've matured and grown as a person, how my interests have changed, and mostly how much I've calmed down.  It'll be more interesting reading these posts in December 2016, when this blog celebrates its tenth anniversary.

I'm sure the kids will give me plenty to write about...

This weekend I'm planning to design a proper C&S logo for the Google+ page, as well as a graphical title banner.  Not sure if I'm going to use GIMP and Inkscape on my Linux box, or if I'm going to rebuild my Amiga 1200 so I can use ImageFX again (I do rather miss using it).

Either way, I'll come up with something.


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