Speaking of my Amiga 2000...

As some of you are aware, I participated in the Retrochallenge Winter Warmup '08. I spent the entire month of January using nothing (and I mean nothing) but my 22-year old Amiga 2000.

I had a lot of fun doing it, tried a few things I've been wanting to do, and actually learned a thing or two. End result?

Best Blog & Best Endurance Run - Conceited Jerk

Not only did Conceited Jerk impress everyone by getting through the month using only a 22-year-old Amiga, but he also managed to entertain us all with an excellent blog.

Thanks to all who voted for me, I am honoured! There were a LOT of great things being done by all the challengers, and I had a great deal of fun reading about everyone's projects (my favourite is still MacTV's Media Center project!).

The Winter Warmup rekindled my interest in my web site(s), as well as my waning interest in computers in general.

I'll be working on my site (and blogs) periodically from now on. I'm looking forward to warmer weather, so I can get out and take pictures for both my Postcards from Winnipeg gallery, as well as my new 68K Digital Photo Gallery, which is currently in development.


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