Draught, Bottled, and Canned

You know, it's funny... I felt an indescribable urge to blog yesterday, absolutely irresistible, and had no idea why.  I had essentially lost interest in blogging, yet somehow I felt compelled to write yesterday's post.

As it turns out, yesterday marked the eighth anniversary of Conceit and Sociopathy.  That's right, kids, I've been posting this crap for eight bloody years!  That's like fifty-seven in blog-years!

Looking back, I've outlasted a number of other, more popular (and probably better written) Winnipeg blogs, some of whom served as my inspiration to start a blog in the first place.  Then again, I never did know when to quit...

So, on that note, I'm soldiering on.  Our tenth anniversary is less than two years away!

The first thing I did this morning was purge the blog of the dozens upon dozens of drafts sitting in my posts queue.  Canned the lot of them.  Some were articles I'd started writing years ago whose intent was long forgotten; others were organized outlines of posts, others were notes I'd jotted down about something I was thinking of posting, some were pictures whose context was lost, and some were rants that I'm glad I never posted.  I've kept them around all this time, thinking I'd eventually salvage the majority of them, but after careful consideration, decided it was time to begin anew.  I've changed a lot and grown as a person in the intervening years, and doubt I could ever do the original intent justice.

Besides, like Welcome to the Darkest Corners of my Mind (aka Conceited Jerk Dot Com) before it, this blog was started on a whim, without formal plan or direction.  It wasn't about anything, it was just me being me, taking advantage of the internet as a publishing medium, usually while drunk.

So, raise a glass and let loose your cheers, and let's drag this out another few years!


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