OS/2 Warp 3?

I was a tad bored yesterday.

It was a brisk -41 degrees Celsius outside yesterday (with the wind chill), so naturally, I didn't feel like going outside. Not at first, anyway...

I got brave and made my daily pilgrimage to 7-Eleven for a Double Gulp and fargin' huge burrito. Probably shoulda worn longjohns... froze me bloody nuts off, mate!

No sooner do I walk back through my front door when the phone rings.

"Wanna go for coffee?", a familiar female voice asks, "Say, five-ish?"

"Are you on glue?" I ask, "It's bloody cold outside!"

Eventually, she wore me down and I agreed. Pastry Castle at five-ish.

4:30 rolls around, and I'm just heading out the door when the phone rings. Guess who?

"Uh... hate to do this, CJ," the familiar female voice says, "but you're right, it's too fucking cold outside. Gotta cancel! Raincheck?"

"Got a better offer, eh?" I ask.

"No, I'm just gonna stay here and watch chick flicks tonight. Wanna come over?"

"Uhhh... no."

(The conversation went downhill from there)

So, I decided to grab an old computer on which to experiment/vent My first victim? My old 386 laptop nicknamed "Angry Red". It's an old Toshiba T5200/100 "portable" with two megs of RAM, 100Mb hard drive, and a red Gas Plasma display that reminds me of the old 60's sci-fi movie "The Angry Red Planet" (hence its nickname).

I tried to install OS/2 Warp 3 on it... but didn't have enough RAM. Warp 3 needs a minimum of 4Mb.

So, I grabbed an old Compaq P166 and tried to install Warp 3 on that... no go, the onboard IDE controller was shot. Hmmm... I remember why I dislike the x86 architecture... Grabbed an old NEC P166 tower... same deal, dead in the water!

Undaunted, I found my old 486 DX2/66 gaming tower. OS/2 2.11 installed nicely, over which I installed Warp 3. Several hours, four computers, and a few beers later, I had a fully functioning OS/2 Warp 3 machine!

First impression of OS/2 Warp 3?


It's pretty speedy on my 486 (and includes nearly all the apps I'd need to be productive), but in order to use Warp 3 with my cable modem, I needed Warp 3 CONNECT, instead of plain ol' Warp 3. The alternative is to add all the necessary files manually, via "fixpacks", which I attempted to do.

Turned out to be a big hassle (not what I'd call intuitive), so I shut 'er down around two AM and went to bed.

I tried going through the fixpacks again this morning, but decided it was more trouble than it was worth.

I may try it again later, or I may just hold out for a copy of OS/2 Warp 4.

Then again, I may just let it sit there collecting dust while I concentrate on my Amiga 2000, Sun Ultra 5, or my Sun Blade 100.


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