New Year's Resolutions for 2007

Originally, I'd intended to write a cynical bit of diatribe about Christmas shopping and shoppers, but frankly the experience hasn't annoyed me as much this season as in previous years.

No, this year, I was able to finish my shopping with reasonable efficiency, and little to no stress involved.

Leaving me with nothing to write about, and therefore no real means of testing Ecto, the blogging software I'm using right now.

But wait!

Why not post my New Year's Resolutions now, instead of a week from now?

Alright, I talked me into it. So without further ado...

CJ's Resolutions for 2007:
Drink more coffee. Experiment with different types.
Finish active projects
Sell off or liquidate old computers and equipment cluttering my lab
Explore all the capabilities of Mac OS X
Finish (start) my website redesign
Build my rack-mounted Unix supercomputer
Take unfair advantage of the Internet as a publishing/distribution medium
Hell, take unfair advantage of anything as a publishing/distribution medium
Write my book
Make it into the newspapers at least once.
Be a right pain in the ass to society at large
Two words: regular podcast
Rekindle my love of cooking. Again.
Host more gatherings at my place
Finish (start) my home renovations

So that's it. Nothing TOOOOO difficult!



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