CJ sells out!

It's certainly been my week for selling out...

First, I decide to kill off a major part of my web site in favour of a blog.

Then I decided to sell off/liquidate most of my older computers in favour of my Powerbook running OS X.

And today, whilst on ebay, I bought an iPod.

An iPod. The very symbol of consumer excess. The very thing being ridiculed on my site's index page.

So, why buy one? Well, I need a new MP3 player. My old RCA K@ZOO is Windows-specific, and I don't use Windows on a regular basis. I've tried to find a way to interface the device with Linux, Solaris, and the Mac OS, but to no avail. Every other MP3 player on the market seems to be tailored specifically for Windows, leaving me with little alternative.

I figured, since the iPod is, well, ubiquitous, it'd be supported by many different operating systems. Sure enough, it's natively supported in Mac OS X, with support available for Solaris, Linux, and Windows, so I'm safe regardless of what platform I'm using at the time...

I picked up a 20Gb model, which should hold roughly half my music collection. With over 500 CDs in my collection (I won't pirate, I mean, "share" music), my Powerbook is going to be busy converting my music into digital format.

I think I'm going to need a bigger HD. Especially once I hit the iTunes Store...


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