[RPGs] GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves Released

September's sole GURPS release, GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves, came down the pipe today.


 Image copyright Steve Jackson Games

I wasn't overly excited for this release, to be honest, as I don't play in (or run) GURPS Fantasy or Dungeon Fantasy games very often... and when I do, it's rare for elves to feature prominently.

Despite my lack of excitement, I spent the $7.98 ($6 USD) on the PDF.

I'm glad I did, I enjoyed it immensely. 
I won't write a full review, but I will say it's a very well written book that gives a great overview of Elven culture and history, and amalgamates the many Elf character templates from many different GURPS books (adding a few new ones for good measure).

This was the first title in the Fantasy Folk series for GURPS Fourth Edition, and I can't wait to see what's coming next.




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