But What Can I Do?

Can you vote?

Can you write a letter?
A missive?
A book?

Can you blog?

Can you talk to others?
Can you engage?

Can you speak up?
Can you shut up?

Can you yell?

Can you paint a sign?

Can you draw?

Can you make a phone call?

Can you send an email?

Can you sign a petition?
Can you draft one?
Can you circulate one?

Can you throw a rock?

Can you pull a trigger (as a last resort)?

Can you march?
Can you protest?

Can you talk it out?

Can you light a torch?
Can you carry one?

Can you walk off the job?
Can you strike?

Can you change?
Can you support change?

Can you donate?
Can you boycott?

Can you give your support?
Can you withdraw it?

Can you fund?
Can you defund?

Can you join?
Can you leave?

Can you?

Will you?

I normally steer clear of politics, but a recent conversation with a friend in the US left me drained (as most political conversations do).

He complained about the state of his country, its government, its sitting president, the recent Supreme Court appointment/attempted rape controversy, the possibility that Roe vs Wade will be overturned and women will be stripped of their right to choice, et cetera, et cetera...

I've had these conversations many times in the last year, and they all seem to end with the same lament, "But what can I do?"

My answer to this is "Plenty."  We can always do something, even if it's just a drop in the bucket.  Enough drops will lead to a trickle, then a flow, then a stream, then a fucking torrent of change.

You can do a lot.  But will you?

CJ's Note:  I'm sure similar things have been written throughout the years, and I've probably and inadvertently plagiarized at least one work.  My apologies if I have, send me a link to your (past) work so I can give credit where due.

Also, before anyone asks if I've done any of the things I've listed: Yes, I've done all but write a book, pull a trigger, and lit/carried a torch.  I practice what I blog.


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