Coffee Cup Blues

It's that time of year again.

Mornings are getting progressively cooler, cool enough for me to start bringing coffee along on my commute.  It's been a few months since I last used my commuter mug, and I won't describe what I found inside when I pulled it down from the cupboard.  Suffice it to say, it's only of interest to people of science.

With a pot of coffee brewed, and not enough time to drink it all before I left to catch my bus, I scrambled to find another commuter cup in the cupboard.  After digging through the cupboard as quietly as I could (didn't want to wake Astrid, and thus Jill), I waded through the collection of mismatched cups and lids.  After finding a lid that fit a cup, I poured my coffee and headed out the door.

By the time I got to my bus stop, I was wearing some of the coffee.  Sure enough, I'd neglected to close the sliding lid before I dashed off.  I'm used to this happening, which is why I tend to wear darker colours (or light browns/beiges) around this time of year.

After getting on the bus and securing my belongings, I opened the cup and took a sip... and promptly dribbled coffee down my beard and onto my chest.  Turns out the lid that fit... didn't.  Was probably for a different but similar cup.

After cursing myself for rushing this morning, I mopped up what I could with the single crumpled tissue I had in my pocket, and spent the rest of the ride with a leaky cup, dripping wet hands, and a wet patch on my shirt.

I'm sure my fellow commuters can relate...

Tonight's task will be to pick up a decent commuter mug.  Non-plastic, of course, both for environmental and thermal reasons (coffee cools down too quickly in a plastic mug).  I'm specifically looking for one without a handle, that will also fit in my Bar-ista cup holder... thinking about a ceramic mug that's in the same form-factor as a Starbucks cup.

That's it for now, more relatable workday drivel to come later in the week.


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