It's All About the Bass (Prologue)

I had a great deal of fun writing my Ten Famous People series back in September.  While it was chiefly an experiment in writing and scheduling and less about the content, it still managed to garner some degree of praise.

But what do I do for an encore?

While waiting for my connecting bus this morning, I found myself groovin' along to the bassline of one of my favourite songs... I had to suppress my natural urge to play "air bass" in order to avoid embarassment!  I say "natural urge" because I've always found myself strumming along to the bassline of my favourite songs (unless there's a superior guitar or synthesizer riff), which has prompted a number of friends to tell me I'm a natural bass player.

(Despite my never having learned to play)

While reliving these happy memories, I thought to myself, "CJ, why don't you write a new series showcasing your favourite bass lines?"

A fine idea!  Please join me over the next twelve days as I do just that.  My musical tastes are varied, to say the least, so there may be a few surprises on the list!


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