Ten Famous People: A Bucket List (Honourable Mentions)

CJ's note:  This is the Tenth in a series of eleven posts.  Comments are disabled until the final post, as there will be numerous surprises on the list! 

Before we move on to my Number One, I'd like to call your attention to five people who very nearly found a place on my bucket list:

Tom Waits:  Singer, composer, actor.  Tom and I would close down one drinking establishment before looking for a bootlegger so we could continue drinking and drowning whatever sorrows/demons come to mind.

Jim Heath, aka The Reverend Horton Heat: Jim and I would rock the joint, closing down one drinking establishment before leaving through the side door to avoid the cops and/or jealous husbands, hopping into a Cadillac convertable to escape.

Pope Francis:  That the first Jesuit Pope isn't on my Top Ten will be the source of anguish for years to come.  As a Catholic convert, I would love to sit down with His Holiness to learn, pray, and talk about the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius and the Summa Theologica.  All while drinking Trappist beer.

Ben Stein:  Sometime actor, game show host, writer, pundit, and Penthouse correspondent Stein would have at least as many stories as Peter Mansbridge, but also some from The Inside.  Would consume brown liquors and close down the place while talking recent history and politics.

Ron Jeremy:  Speaking of stories, I'm sure The Hedgehog would have several doozies...

That's my list of the also-rans.  Join me tomorrow to discover the badass who beat everyone else on this list, to take the number one spot!


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