Ten Famous People: A Bucket List (Number Seven)

CJ's note:  This is the fourth in a series of eleven posts.  Comments are disabled until the final post, as there will be numerous surprises on the list! 

The Fourth entry on my list won't shock anyone per se, but it might seem out of character for me.  As most of you know, I enjoy a wide variety of music, so the appearance of a "controversial" musician on my list is not surprising.

However, what might be surprising to some is my choice of controversial musician:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Canadian performer k.d.lang!

I have a great appreciation for anyone who sticks to their guns and stays true to themselves.  While I'm not a fan per se, I do rather enjoy some of her work. Ingénue was one of my favourite albums when it was released, and songs like Constant Craving were on heavy rotation on MuchMusic.  Shortly after the album took off, during an interview with Much's Terry David Mulligan, she said something that stuck with me, which ultimately led to her appearance on my list.

While I don't remember the exact words, she spoke about spending her 30th birthday alone with a bottle of wine on the banks of the Seine River.  As one who enjoyed time alone with my thoughts, this naturally appealed to me.

If I had the chance to drink with k.d.lang, I'd like to revisit that scene, having a couple of bottles of wine and shooting the shit about music, individuality, stubbornness, and most of all, rebellion.


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