Ten Famous People: A Bucket List (Number Two, Runner-Up)

CJ's note:  This is the Ninth in a series of eleven posts.  Comments are disabled until the final post, as there will be numerous surprises on the list! 

It was a difficult task, putting these ten people (and five honourable mentions) into a ranked list.  Before I started writing these little blurbs, I agonized over who went where, what ranking each of them got - only to rearrange them as I wrote their entries.

Gretzky moved down a notch, Heenan went up several places (he was originally Number Eight), and Putin was supposed to be in third.  But despite all the agonizing, I knew all along who would be in the top two spots.  The problem is, I wasn't sure which of the two should take the top spot!

It took more agonizing and hand-wringing, but it soon became clear.  With that, I give you my Runner-up:

Tonight:  The voice of The National, Peter Mansbridge!

If I were to pick my favourite news anchor of all time, Mansbridge would still be in second place... to Walter Cronkite.  Both anchors were consummate professionals, and both men exuded great dignity and bearing.  However, as Mansbridge is the only one of the two who is still alive, he's the only one who can be on my list.  (Lloyd Robertson was on the list, but was cut early on).

Mansbridge isn't just masculine dignity and a sexy voice, though.  Anyone who's watched Mansbridge One on One knows of the man's interviewing (and conversational) skills!  I'd like to hear his stories about the people he's met and/or interviewed, the news stories he's covered and witnessed, history, Canadian politics, and sports.  While drinking Canadian.


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