Beginning of the Endgame (part one)

It's official.  We're finally planning for our retirement.

No, not the retirement from blogging that I routinely announce every few months, but our actual retirement from work, etc.

Granted, I have twenty-four twenty-six years to go until I reach the magic age of sixty-five sixty-seven, but that leaves plenty of time to sock away whatever spare money we can.  And we're going to need it, every penny nickel of it.

It's not because we're doubting our government pension will still exist in 2038 2040 (ok, not just that), it's also because we're planning on retiring abroad and will likely need to prove some sort of self-sufficience.  Right now, we're looking at the south of France.

Of course, that's also assuming France is still around in 2038 2040... or at least accepting immigrants.  I have no doubt that France will still exist as a country, however I'm not so certain we'd be welcomed with open arms.  The French government has, on occasion, threatened to pull out of the Schengen Agreement (which would only apply to us if we were citizens of the EU, which we aren't), or limiting immigration altogether.  Guess that's something we'll need to watch, the world seems to become more and more xenophobic and paranoid each day...

Join me for next installment, where I answer the question Why France?


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