Disney Junior is Further Warping My Mind

Astrid's cartoons are getting inside my head.

Granted, I'm already a bit unbalanced, but Disney Junior is sending me further down the spiral.

Yesterday, shortly before dinner, the three of us were watching cartoons.  A few minutes into The Little Mermaid tv series, my wife Jillian wondered aloud, "Whatever happened to Ariel's mother?"

"Probably got caught up in a tuna net," I theorized.

Apparently, that wasn't a good answer.

While we were sitting down to dinner (and when my phone should have been put away), I hit Wikipedia to research the final fate of the mermaid queen.  Apparently, Ariel's mother, Queen Athena, was crushed to death by a pirate ship.

A horrible end, to be sure, but one that amused me immediately...

CJ: It'd be hilarious if the last thing she heard was "Blast it, Smee!" In that cartoony bubbly underwater voice.

Jill: (laughs)

Which made me think of a potential crossover between the Little Mermaid-Peter Pan/Jake & the Neverland Pirates universes.

Cubby:  Oh, coconuts!  We just sunk Captain Hook and killed the Atlantican Queen!

Izzy:  And we got five gold doubloons!  Let's grab 'em and go!

Which illicited a giggle from Jillian, who says I get far too involved in our daughter's cartoons.

She's probably right.

Join me next time as I examine the plight of Makkapakka and the racism inherent in the show In the Night Garden.


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