Around this Blogosphere

It has been reported to me by the crackhead C&S4.0 staff that some of the links in my Blogroll were out of date.  Some blogs are gone, some changed addresses, one was hijacked (blogjacked?), and some no longer amuse me.

So, with that in mind, I warmed up my deletin' finger (I'll leave to your imagination which) and purged the offenders from the list.

One change in particular should be pointed out: Derick, the Blogger Formerly Known as Cherenkov, has wrapped up his widely read blog Anybody Want A Peanut after six years.  His new blog Around This Town has already made the Winnipeg Free Press' Blog of the Week, so with that in mind, you'd be wise to check it out.  As longtime fans, we here at C&S4.0 wish Derick much success.


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