L-L-L-Last Call, Folks!

It's Last Call for CJ.

No, I'm not calling my blogging career quits (or a career, for that matter).

I've given up alcohol (and carbonated beverages) for the foreseeable future, possibly forever.  I've had a recurring gastric issue for years, and I've finally decided to make a few lifestyle changes to prevent it altogether.  I was never going to be an Epicure or Sommelier anyway.

In addition to my self-imposed prohibition, I've slowly started to wean myself from greasy, fatty foods, really spicy foods, and so on.  I have noticed a difference, so that's a sure sign my plan is working.

The only real downside is that I'm a lot more creative (and motivated) after a couple of drinks.  Ah well, perhaps an attitude adjustment is in order as well.

So, with the dietary change came a name change.  The third of my three "main" blogs, written under my other pseudonym Dove Grace, will no longer be titled It's Last Call, Folks!.  It's new title will be State of Grace.

While I only update that particular blog (and the supposed design outfit it represents) a couple of times a year, it will be seeing a lot more in terms of updates in the coming months.  I've embraced the idea of GPLed, "Open Source" Furniture!

I have a few works in progress (some furniture pieces, some structural), and once I have the designs finalised and drawn up in QCad, I'll be posting them on Dove Grace Design for all to enjoy and/or improve.


  1. I have given up alcohol myself that's why now, I only drink non alcoholic beverages like the herbal martini that I recently found to be a healthy drink.

  2. I experimented with making a non-alcoholic Absinthe.

    The first attempt had me infusing a jug of water with anise seed and fennel, then adding food colouring.

    The second had me using artificial anise extract, water, and food colouring... it tasted more like Pernod than Absinthe.

    Either way, it was passable.


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