...and That's a Wrap!

Well, gang, I'm calling my blogging career quits after all.

I simply don't have time anymore, and the time I do spend blogging could be spent more productively elsewhere.

I'll be focusing my creative energies elsewhere, and the rest of my energies on my family, health, and household.

Thanks for following along all these years.

-Shaun aka Conceited Jerk


  1. It's been a pleasure reading your blog... good luck with whatever comes next!

  2. Thanks, Walter.

    Fatherhood is going to provide its share of challenges!

  3. It's truly a sad day.. but on the plus side, I am now by default the most knowledgeable Linux using actively bloggin Winnipegger.

  4. Reed, you already were the most knowledgeable!

    Now, I'm off to fight with setting up serial terminals in Solaris 8...


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