Seriously Serial

I'm gonna need a plan.

A week ago, I announced that I was going to blog every day for the next year.  It's become painfully apparent that I can't keep coming up with random crap on a daily basis to make up my numbers.  I also can't rely on my backcatalog and collection of half-and unfinished posts, as most of them require a lot of work.  I spent part of Tuesday evening going through the archives (some dating back to the mid-90s), and came to the conclusion that much of it will be of little value to me.  Some of the articles were so topical that they are woefully out of date, and some - well, let's just say I've matured a lot since they were written.

It's like sticking your arms almost shoulder-deep in a pile of manure, searching for that million-dollar gold ring you know is in there.

Rather than rely on the shitpile, I'll have to come up with fresh... material.

After thirty whole seconds of brainstorming, I came up with the idea of doing a series of ongoing posts, to be published at least once or twice a week, concerning a certain subject.

So far, I have three in the works.

The first one is a series of posts that was not meant to be a series initially.  The House That Jerk Built will detail our home renovations as they happen.  We're getting the house ready for our child, who is due to spring forth near the beginning of July.  The previous owner of the house was a serial do-it-yourselfer, and not a particularily good one at that... so watch as we try to undo everything he did.

The second series will be the continuation of Getting In Touch With My Feminine Side (etc).  Originally intended as a three part post, I've scrapped the remaining two parts as I was not satisfied with the finished product.  I've decided to rework it as a larger series, and may even get the Missus involved.

The third series is called Rooted to the Spot.  I've been asking myself why I (we) stay in this city, and this series will have us exploring the city and doing some soul-searching as we attempt to answer the question.

Now... time to get to planning.


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