Rooted to the Spot (Intro)

I've never been able to leave this city.

I've never known why.

I've taken vacations, I've travelled on business, I've even worked in the US off-and-on for a couple of years.  I've had ample opportunity to pick up stakes and settle somewhere else.  But something keeps me here in Winnipeg, that God-forsaken Hellhole I dearly love.

It's not the familiarity of routine... most of my old hangouts have either closed or "switched focus", at least the ones I haven't outgrown.

It's not my job.  I can sell hose & fittings or fasteners pretty much anywhere there's a need.  My wife can be a social worker pretty much anywhere.

It's not my friends... I hardly have the time these days to hang out.  And family will always be family no matter where I am in the world.

So why the Hell am I still here?

In the coming weeks, I will explore that very question.


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