(Web) Traffic Calming Circles

I've been poring over my traffic logs, and I've noticed a marked increase in search engine hits.

I'd like to say it's all due to my wit and excellent writing skills, but I'd be lying (on a few counts).

No, most of my traffic comes courtesy of Google, and 99 percent of it is focused on a single post (with over 1300 views) mentioning a certain British porn actress whom I will not name.  If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you'll know this actress as the (nick)namesake of my Powerbook Lombard.

So, for the proverbial shits and giggles, I've turned the post back into a draft so I can monitor the decrease in traffic.  I expect it'll take a while for any significant change, as no doubt the post has been cached by every search engine out there.  If this works, I'll do the same to another post featuring a certain actress who was married to the guy from Fight Club.

Let's see what happens...

Update:  The Top Ten Posts widget still registers it as the most viewed, but doesn't display it on the list.  Therefore there are only nine posts listed in the top ten.  Interesting.


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