Blue Balls, or Il Ritorno del Bastardo

So, I'm back a tad early.  Nine months early, to be exact.

I had a few privacy-related concerns that needed to be addressed immediately, and now that the leak is plugged (and welded shut) and the persons responsible taken to task, I decided to stick around.

That's the official story, anyway.  The truth is, I'm getting blue balls from all the pent up creative juices within.

During my (nearly) three months away, I've been keeping a written journal of little interest to you.  I've also been keeping a project log on a certain public access Unix system, but it hasn't satisfied.

Rather than drive Jillian insane with my incessant monologues, I'm cutting my hiatus short.

Let the juices flow.

* I also heard that Eintracht Braunschweig are currently at the top of the 2. Bundesliga, and want to listen to their games live on


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