These (Jack)Boots Are Made For Walkin'

When we left our hero last episode, he was discussing his planned child-rearing techniques with his amused (and horrified) coworkers.  Let's tune in to hear how the story unfolds...

Boss:  Al-Jazeera?!  Are you trying to teach them to blow things up?

CJ: Al-Jazeera isn't the "Terrorists' HGTV", you know.  It has some of the best reporting in the world, much better than the party-mouthpieces our newsrooms have become.

Boss:  Oh, I know.

CJ:  We'll still watch the evening news, but I want them to have an international perspective, too.  I've found Al-Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, and the BBC provide just that.

Boss:  But they're kids!  Why not let them watch kids shows?

CJ: No!  They must be indoctrinated young!

Boss:  (speechless)

CJ: (laughs)  Of course they'll watch children's programming, too.  We really don't want them to be exposed to the violent nature of the world, via the news, until they're mature enough to handle it.

Boss:  Yeah, why scar them for life?

CJ:  Our plan is simple.  We want our kids to enjoy childhood, but tempered with a good education, discipline, and better morals.

Boss:  Good idea.  Kids these days grow up too fast.

CJ:  No, they don't.  They're simply leveling the playing field.

Boss: What do you mean?

CJ:  With more and more adults behaving and dressing like spoiled teenagers, they're simply meeting us in the middle.

... and that's about where the exchange ended.  I'll be expanding on that last statement in a later post.

It's been a week since our wedding.

 Photo credit:  Susan Felbel

Jillian and I were married last Saturday at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, and it was a great ceremony with only a couple of minor hiccups.  The reception that followed was a very low-key alcohol-free event without boring speeches, awkward first dances, or presentation.

Hell, we didn't even have a head table!  Instead, Jillian and I wanted to be seated among our guests, rather than looking down on them from our lofty perch.  We mingled, spent time at each table, and more importantly spent time with our guests.  We had a buffet-style dinner with what we described as North End soul food: perogies, meatballs, garlic sausage, sauerkraut rolls, ham, cheese, etc, which really seemed to go over well with our guests.

The guests were mostly family and close friends, including a couple of local bloggers and Winnipeg forum members whom I've really gotten to know over the last few years.

My parents surprised us with an unexpected gift:  they rented us the Honeymoon Suite at the Four Points By Sheraton hotel by the airport... which, I might add, is rather nice.  Apart from a mix-up with parking (my fault), it was a beautiful way to cap off the evening.

Now that the wedding is out of the way, we're concentrating on having kids ('cause I'm not getting any younger).  Jillian prefers a more scientific approach, with ovulation detectors, basal body temperature thermometers, etc.  My preferred method is more akin to carpet bombing: drop enough bombs and you'll eventually take out your target.  I'll spare you the details.

Suffice it to say, the next couple of years will be interesting...

Speaking of interesting:  As most of you already know, Walter at One Man Committee has called it quits.  I'd link to his erstwhile blog, but he's deleted it.  Which is too bad, as he wrote some pretty insightful stuff about Winnipeg and urban planning, subjects near and dear to my heart, and now we're unable to revisit his backcatalogue.

I'm hoping someone else comes along who can fill his shoes.  Sure, there are a number of blogs about Winnipeg and urban issues, but by and large, they're filled with bile and snark.

Here's hoping.


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