A New Direction

Image Credit: Conceited Jerk 2012

Always looking for new ways to express myself, I have been exploring the Typosphere of late.

The Typosphere, because I know you're wondering, is a community of bloggers who use typewriters to write their blog entries, then scan the typed pages & post 'em to their blog.

Being a fan of keeping older technologies useful in this day and age, naturally I jumped at the chance to join this community.  After a week of scouring the used sites and thrift stores, I happened upon an Empire Aristocrat portable typewriter for $15... with the appropriate ribbon being had for $10 on eBay.

My first typewritten post was uploaded to Conceited Jerk Dot Com as part of my entry in the 2012 Retrochallenge Winter Warmup (my typing skills have improved greatly since then).  Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to further delve into the Typosphere (I am preparing for my wedding next month, after all!), but will be incorporating typewritten elements into Conceited Jerk Dot Com's Tenth Anniversary redesign this summer.

I'm taking the main site in a whole new direction (which is why I've blown so many deadlines).  No longer relegated to being Conceit & Sociopathy's supplementary blog, the site will now showcase my less commercial creative works and experiments in media... and, of course, to follow my life's goal of taking advantage of anything as a publishing medium!

Some of my plans include:

  •  A 10th Anniversary rewrite of my infamous handwritten title page and 404 message.
  • Further development of Mobile CJ
  • Public Disservice Podcast
  • A blog post carved/chiseled into a stone tablet (I'm serious!)
  • The "Dead Tree Edition", a mechanical experiment in presentation and storytelling
  • Dot Matrix art
  • Honest-to-God cave painting with handmade clay paint (again, serious!)
Not to mention a few things done using old computers.  Pointless?  Probably, but then so is the rest of the Internet when you get right down to it.

The next few months are gonna be a blast!  Hope you're up for the ride.

**UPDATE 04/11/12**

I've noticed a lot of traffic from archive.org visiting the main site (probably checking to see if I really have been around for ten years, lol).  One thing I'd like to point out is that I only registered the domain www.conceitedjerk.com in 2006.  If you're looking for earlier (2002 - 2006) iterations of the site, search under the URL http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://conceitedjerk.tripod.com.  You're welcome.  Oh, and I'll apologize in advance for my heavy use of the unreadable Haettenschweiler font on certain pages... it looked good at the time!


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