The Dream is Dead.

My other blog, The Speakeasy, has closed its doors for good.

I originally started the blog a few years ago to document my garage renovations.  The original plan was to convert my disused garage into a four-season gazebo, complete with fireplace, skylights, HVAC system, and wet bar!  I wasn't driving, and my '86 Daytona inside the garage was completely undrivable, so The Speakeasy seemed to be the perfect idea.

At the time, I was living it up as a bachelor and was looking for a place to throw the kind of parties I wanted to attend myself... laid-back, sophisticated affairs with premium cigars, great drinks, good company, and plenty of outre-lounge music.

The fact that I could do it fairly inexpensively was the icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, the world being what it is, The Speakeasy never came to fruition.  Suffering a number of financial setbacks (and tanking investments) saw the project's start date pushed further and further back, until it lost priority altogether.

Then I reconnected with Jillian, got engaged, and bought a SUV... realizing we needed somewhere to park the thing, we reclaimed the garage, effectively killing the project for good.

While we could renovate the house to accomodate the sort of grown-up parties we'd love to throw, we're also looking at moving in a year or so... meaning the project would be unfeasible.  The dream is dead.

So tonight, I'll be raising a glass to what might have been.


  1. Awwww...this makes me feel bad. :(

    Think of it this dream dies, another one is born! Hopefully, with a little time, in our case..literally!!!

  2. I am anything but sad! What lies ahead will be infinitely more rewarding (and fun).


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