On Good Stewardship and the Mixing of Vices, part II

Flushed with enthusiasm from my previous successes, I tried my hand at infusing a few more cigars with different types of alcohol.

This time around, I chose brandy.

One cigar each, infused with Meukow Vanilla Cognac, Napoleon VSOP Brandy, or McGuinness Cherry Brandy.  I used the same method as before:  soaked a cotton makeup pad with the appropriate spirit, threw it into a Ziploc bag, placed a dried-out cigar in the bag, sealed it, and let it sit for a few days.

This time around, the cigars were forgotten over the course of our busy week.  I remembered about them this morning while getting ready for work... when I opened the bags, the cigars were quite damp and squishy!

I figured the best way to dry them out would be by placing them into my humidor with the balance of my dried-out cigars.  Let the dried-out ones absorb some of the excess moisture from the newly-infused ones... how symbiotic.

It worked.

I tried the one infused with Vanilla Cognac on my lunch break today.  It was heavenly... at least it was until I dropped the cigar halfway through.

Ah well, plenty more where that came from.


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