Baiting the Trap

Oh man...

I really have to check the stats page of my blog more often, it's mildly amusing.  The search terms that lead people to my blog are... interesting.

I feel like a Trapdoor Spider lying in wait... and this is the bait I use to lure unsuspecting passersby to my corner of the Blogosphere:

andrea spinks  (aka Nadia, a British porn actress & model.  Nadia is also the nickname of my Powerbook Lombard)

image of a rock 

images of a rock
picture of a rock   (must be all those geology-related posts I did back in the day)

jennifer aniston nude in wonderland

jennifer aniston nude pic wunderland

jennifer aniston nude pics and wonderland  (a little something I posted years ago to prove a point)
model 100
model t    (one of my favourite portable computers of all time)
Makes me wonder what other kinds of tag-bastardry I can do.

Heh heh heh...


  1. Sometimes, the search term rock is best left unlifted. You just don't know what you are going to find lurking beneath. Almost as curious is the referring sites! Mine are mostly Romanian...

  2. Most upsetting search term on my blog this past month: "gay porn blog winnipeg". Oh come on. Really?

  3. @Rob, you know, you're probably right... perhaps it is a rather bad idea to toy with search terms...

    @Cherenkov, just wait until all the Clitsome related searches start coming in!


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