Good Stewardship Part Two

Well, I did find a use for the VNC server on Cinq, my Sun Ultra 5... to serve as a companion to Nadia.

One complaint I have about using my Powerbook Lombard is the lack of a current web browser for Mac OS X 10.9.3. Sure, I can function quite nicely on the modern web, but every so often, a site comes along that just buggers it all up... Blogger's new-fangled interface, for example, as well as Twitter and Facebook. This wouldn't be so bad, but they're the three sites I happen to view the most.

I discovered a final solution for the Facebook and Twitter problems, however, by pointing Nadia's browser to the mobile versions of the two sites ( and, respectively). Worked like a charm. Blogger's new interface has been a non-issue on Nadia, simply because I've been use a blogging app called Ecto for the past six years.

But life's no fun when things work out, so I'll tell you about Plan B.

Fresh from yesterday's successful VNC experiment, I figured I'd try to replicate that success with another machine... and today's unwitting victim was my gal Friday, Nadia. Success was rapidly forthcoming, as I had a copy of "Chicken of the VNC" on a flash drive. Not twenty seconds after installing, Nadia was connected to the Ultra 5. Ten seconds after that, I was surfing the net using the latest build of Firefox on the Ultra 5. I also downloaded the MasterGear emulator for Solaris and played a few rounds of Double Dragon, but that's not important.

Pictured above: a great waste of time.  Really great!

So this whole VNC business has served a practical purpose after all, allowing me to extend the useful life of my beloved Nadia by giving me access to a newer, more modern browser, as well as a better office suite in Open Office... and a better Unix in Solaris.

Tune in tomorrow when I attempt to do it all over again using my old 68k Mac LC475 and MacVNC.


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