Oh, The Places I've Been...

So, I went for a little stroll today...

(CJ's note:  The interactive map is no longer available.  The provider went bankrupt years ago and took my work with it.  Not saved by archive.org either, before you ask.)

(Not) Pictured above:  My idea of "a little stroll".  Zoom in and pan around!

Truth told, I didn't walk the whole time... I took the #17 McGregor bus from the corner of Partridge and McGregor to McDermot and Adelaide.

The whole point of this excursion was to take a stroll with my GPS, snap a few pictures, have breakfast at Sal's sur L'Esplanade, and spend the rest of the day on the computer, putting together a humourous "Family Circus" follow-the-dotted-line map... well, as humorous as downtown Winnipeg can be at 7am on a Saturday (which is to say "not very").

Less humourous was the fact my bloody camera crapped out a few minutes in.  But, the show must go on, so I made sure my GPS was working and continued on my way.

I meandered through the Exchange district, north to the edge of Chinatown, east to Main St to avoid a drugged-up belligerent, down Main and back into the Exchange.  When I was done there, I headed to Portage Ave, up Fort to Graham, up Graham and across Main, the to the Forks.

I'd planned to stop at Sal's for breakfast and got there right on time for the doors to open at 8am... only to find they've changed their hours of operation a few weeks ago, and thus wouldn't open til 9am.  I thought to myself, "I'm not waiting another hour!" and continued on to the Forks proper.

After wandering the Forks for a bit, I headed towards Canwest Global Park.  From there, I headed along Waterfront Drive to Juba Park (where I saw a couple of artists and a group of joggers), and spent a bit of time relaxing there before heading back downtown.

All-in-all, it was a fun excursion, and I'm especially glad that my GPS recorded the entire thing (more on how in a later post).  I wanted to see if the taller buildings downtown would affect the GPS' satellite signal reception, but thankfully it worked like a charm.

I'm planning to take a stroll through Kildonan Park with Jillian tomorrow, and I'll be sure to bring the GPS and a working camera to record our hijinks... and we'll put our heads together to piece together that Family Circus homage.

So, I've returned to Blogger for good.

I've had it with Tripod's trademark "tits-on-a-bull" blog engine.  It requires too much in the way of HTML editing to do anything useful, whereas Blogger's engine is (almost) idiot-proof (and I'll finally be able to moblog from my smartphone!).  So on Blogger I will stay... insofar as blogging is concerned.  All my creative works will still be housed at the main site at www.conceitedjerk.com.

Please update your feed-readers and blogrolls so you don't miss any of my pointless crap.

I've migrated the previous years' worth of the aforementioned crap from the Tripod blog over to this one, and they pick up where I left off after my previous final post back in May 2010. These posts (thirty in total) will be prefaced with "migrated from my Tripod blog on 11/05/11".

It'll be like I never left!


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