A Tale of Entitlement (Part Three)

Part Two is here

The following is a true story I just made up.

Jill dropped me off at work at precisely 7am the following morning.  I had no messages in my voice mail, and no emails.  While putting the coffee on, I unlocked the door to the shipping area... which is something I don't normally do, given that we open at 8am.

While keeping my eyes and ears open for activity, I set about my morning routine.  As I was running through my backorder report, I heard scurrying in the direction of the shipping area.  So, I walked back to see what was up.

"Hello?" I inquired.

"Hi Shaun," said a voice, "I'm here for my parts!"

I recognized the voice, but not the face.

"Parts?" I asked.

Cust:  Yes.  I'm Jimbob from Turnip Brothers.

CJ:  Oh!  Sure, follow me.

I led him to my desk, and handed him the box.

Cust:  I figured I'd better come myself to pick 'em up.  Can't afford any mistakes today.

CJ: No worries, I fully understand.  I apologize for the mixup yesterday, I don't know what was up with the courier... Shit, I waited until quarter to six last night.  Maybe they got busy over the afternoon..?

Cust:  I don't know, but it cost me twelve bucks per pick-up attempt.  I appreciated your call, though.

CJ:  Well, if you hear any more from them and we can't resolve the issue, let me know.  If it turns out we're partially responsible for the screw-up, we'll work something out with a freight credit to offset the cost.

Cust:  Great, thank you, and thanks for waiting around last night.

CJ: You're welcome.

At 8:30, I received an angry call.

CJ: Good morning, Moron Industries, Shaun speaking.

SP: (snottily) Hello Shaun, this is Frieda from Snailspace.  Our driver was there at 5:15pm last night and at 7:10 this morning to pick up a package and was told it wasn't ready.  And he was there twice yesterday and was told both times the package wasn't ready.  We'd appreciate it if you didn't waste our time!

CJ:  Well, Frieda, I'm glad you called.  While it's true that your driver left empty-handed once yesterday, he has not been back since.

SP: Well, that's not what my driver is telling me.

CJ: My dear, your driver is full of shit, to put it bluntly.  I myself waited here until quarter to six last night, and was here at 7 this morning.  I have not seen any of your drivers, and the parts were picked up by Jimbob from Turnip Brothers himself at ten after seven this morning.  Feel free to call Jim, he'll corroborate my story.

SP: I beg your pardon?  Turnip picked up?

CJ: Yes.  He couldn't wait for the parts, so he came down himself to pick them up.  In fact, he was here from 7:10 til 7:30 this morning, around the time you driver claims to have been here...

SP:  I see.  I'll have to call you back. (click)

Jim beat her to the punch, however...

CJ: Good morning, Moron Industries, Shaun speaking.

JB:  Hi Shaun, this is Jimbob at Turnip Brothers.

CJ: Ah, talked to Frieda, did you..?

JB:  Yeah, I set her straight.  I apologize if I snapped at you yesterday.

CJ: No problem, matey.  How could you have known?

JB:  True, but I'll be dealing with another courier company from here on in.

CJ:  Oh?

JB: Yes, if they're going to lie to me outright, and then try to charge me for pickup attempts they've never made, I'm done with them.

CJ:  Well, in their defense, I don't think it's them per se, just one of their drivers.

JB:  Maybe, but I can't afford to risk any more situations like this.  This could have cost us big.

CJ:  If I can be of any help, please let me know...

JB: Will do.

(to be concluded)


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