WIP it, WIP it good.

(migrated from my Tripod blog on 11/05/2011)

Preparations for Conceited Jerk Dot Com's Tenth Anniversary celebrations are coming along, albeit rather slowly.

With just under three months to go, I've been busy archiving old content from my various machines, and have managed to track down 80% of the old stuff.  The rest is lost to time (even archive.org couldn't help!)...

The real stumbling block is presentation.  It's no secret that I'm tired of Tripod's Blog Builder and its lack of features, and I have been equally disappointed with their other offerings such as the recently discontinued Webon and their new app "Zeeblio" - which would work insofar as creating a cohesive layout, but would eliminate the ability to comment directly on a post.

I've debated returning to Blogger, and have also considered running Wordpress, but there's apparently some issue running WP on Tripod's servers.

Soooooo... I'm gonna try redesigning the blog portions of my site using Joomla, failing that, I may have to bone up on my HTML and CSS and do things the old fashioned way, or it's back to Blogger I go.

As an aside, if you ever go to A&W, don't try to order a "Thirteenth-Cousin-Twice-Removed Burger".  They'll just look at you funny.  Ditto for asking how far back in the Burger Family Tree they go.


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