Project Status: Hilarious!

(migrated from my Tripod blog on 11/05/2011)

I spent part of my lunch hour phoning various Winnipeg computer stores, in search of a particular item I need to help complete one of my projects...

Four out of five conversations went like this:

CSR: Good afternoon, (computer store), how may I help you?

CJ: Good afternoon, how are we doing today?

CSR, Not bad, thank you.  What can I do for you?

CJ: Well, I'm looking for an IDE DVD-ROM drive.

CSR: Well, we really only carry the burners.  Will that be alright?

CJ: Hmmm, it'll work, but I'm really only using it as a reader. What colours do you carry?

CSR: Colours?

CJ: Yeah, I'd prefer to have one that matches my case.

CSR: Oh, I get it.  Sure, what colour were you after?

CJ: Aged beige.

CSR: Aged Beige?!

CJ: Yes sir.

CSR: Er, I think we have darkish-gray/black or white in stock.

CJ: White?

CSR: Yes sir.

CJ: By "white", are you talking about that typical computer whitish-beige?

CSR: I guess so.  Is that not what you meant?

CJ: It's close, but no.

CSR: I've only ever seen these two colours, sir.  In fact I've never even heard of "aged beige".

CJ:  You knoooow... that sort of yellowy-beige colour that all beige computer parts become when left in the basement for an extended period of time?

CSR: *click*

Computer store people have no sense of humour.


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