Baby names, or how to ensure your kids will need therapy later on in life.

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As most of you know, Jillian and I are getting married next year.

Being the sort of people we are, we're already picking baby names for when the time comes... and being Catholic, we likely won't be stopping at one or two kids.

While picking names for the first four, I related an earlier story to Jill about a similar situation from a previous relationship...

About a decade ago, around the time I bought my house, my girlfriend at the time told me she was "possibly pregnant".

My reaction was an excited "Cool!  Let's pick out names!" (when it should have been "Are you sure?" and "Is it mine?", but that's another story).

It caught her off-guard at first, but she soon got into the spirit of the occasion.  She suggested a few names of a style that was en vogue (made-up Afro-American sounding names) which I immediately shot down.  I suggested a few, named after my favourite writers.

CJ: I'd love to have a son named Orwell Machiavelli!
FB: Orwell Machiavelli?
CJ: Yeah, it just screams intrigue and guile!
FB: I don't think I'd want my child known for inspiring intrigue and guile.
CJ: Well, neither did my parents at first...
FB: I like TeShawn.  It sounds nice.
CJ: Why?  We're not (black)!
FB: Hmph! Well, how about something Biblical? Like...
CJ (interrupting): Yeah, like Goliath Samson!
FB: Goliath Samson?!
CJ: Yeah!  And if it's a boy, I want to call him Lucifer Azrael!
FB (horrified): Oh my God!  You would call our daughter Goliath Samson?
CJ: Well, if she inherits your looks...
FB: Hey!
CJ: (laughs uncontrollably)
The rest of the conversation is largely unrepeatable.

So, while I'd still like to have a child named Orwell Machiavelli or Goliath Samson, I somehow doubt Jill would even entertain the idea.  We spent the better part of an evening talking about baby names, and this is what we came up with:

For boys, we liked "Shaun Ethan" (named for me and my cat), and "Raymond Lennon" (named after my dad and John Lennon).  I briefly entertained the idea of changing it to Lenin, but I didn't think it'd go over well...

For girls, we liked "Rachel Leah" (after a young girl at Jillian's work who passed away), and Siobhan Aisling (pronounced ShiVONN AshLEEN) 'cause it sounds like a good Irish name (me being part Northern Irish).

We've batted a few more names around as well, such as Padraig, Sarah, Judith, Bastian (after Bastian Schweinsteiger), et cetera, but we'll worry about that when the time comes.


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