Devoted, Sentimental, Stubborn, or Cheap?

(migrated from my Tripod blog on 11/05/2011)

After my recent experiences with Moblogging on my Palm Treo 650, I have decided against using the smartphone as my primary mobile blogging device.

It was a bit Hellish. Okay, maybe that's being a tad melodramatic, but suffice it to say, things weren't as easy as I'd hoped.  The solutions that worked on one of my blogs didn't on another... and NOTHING seems to work with Tripod's blog creator.

After careful consideration, I decided that if I was serious about blogging, it was time to bring my beloved Nadia back from the dead yet again.

Longtime readers of my old blog Conceit and Sociopathy will remember Nadia, better known as my 1999-vintage Powerbook G3 Lombard.  I've had her for a loooong time now, and I have this habit of breaking her sound/power board (most recently, by tripping over the power cable and breaking the internal connector).

This model of Powerbook is well-known for its easily broken sound/power board, therefore replacement parts are readily available for about $20.  I'm considering buying them in bulk!

I'm often asked why I bother fixing a twelve-year old (as I write this) laptop that's prone to breakage, when laptops nowadays are cheap?

Is it because I'm devoted? Not overly.  I love the Lombard's screen, form factor, size, and weight, but its speed (400MHz) and lack of recent web browser and USB 2.0 put me off some days... although I can work quite happily with the last supported Safari or Firefox, Ecto (blogging app) still works, and USB 2.0 can be added simply by buying a USB 2.0 Cardbus card.

Is it because I'm sentimental? Maybe a little.  I've had Nadia for several years, and I used her to write my first blog and synced her to my first iPod and iTunes account.  She's been on several trips wih me, and we've been through a lot together.  So, yes, I do have a sentimental attachment to the old girl.

Is it because I'm stubborn?  Absolutely.  I've had Nadia apart more times than I care to admit, and am well familiar with her internal workings.  I can pretty much take her apart and reassemble her in my sleep, and replacing the aforementioned sound/power board is a twenty-minute affair.  I have the knowledge and ability to keep fixing her, and when she's fully repaired she works well.  Why would I want to replace her?

Is it because I'm cheap?  You'd better believe it.  With our upcoming wedding, home renovations, the purchase of a car in the near future, and children in the not-too-distant future, money is gonna be tight.  While I could shell out a few hundred for another laptop that'll be just as obsolete in a couple of years, why bother?  I can do everything I need on Nadia, and I have the know-how to keep fixing her when she does break.

So yes, I am devoted, sentimental, stubborn, cheap, and probably insane.  Ultimately though, I keep fixing Nadia because I can.

At any rate, it feels great to be blogging on a regular basis again.  It helps that my fiancĂ©e Jillian is an avid blogger/writer as well, and she serves as a big inspiration to me, even if we blog about vastly different subject matter.
I'll see you later this week, when I liken life to a certain infamous video game.


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