To MoBlog or Not To MoBlog?

(migrated from my Tripod blog on 11/05/2011)

I am REALLY getting annoyed with mobile blogging.

My trouble began when I tried out a (the) blogging app for my 2004-vintage Palm Treo 650.  Despite trying everything I could, I just couldn't get the app to connect to Blogger's API. 

Now, the app had last been updated in 2008, and I remembered a bit later that Blogger had tweaked their authentication system in late 2008/early 2009, rendering the app effectively useless.  D'oh.

So, I tested out Blogger's Mail2Blog feature by emailing an update to The Speakeasy, and it worked quite nicely.  Thank heaven for small miracles!

So, I'm going to try to post this on my Tripod blog in the same way.  Let's hope this works...

** EDIT **

It didn't.

After a quick look on Tripod's Help Forum, it appears Tripod's own mail-to-blog feature isn't working.  Several people have trouble tickets open, so let's hope it gets resolved soon... because if it doesn't, I may have to re-open C&S on Blogger. (CJ's note:  HI THERE!  -11/05/11)

My mobile woes aren't limited to blogging, either.

I set my Facebook account up to allow posting by email as well.  After jumping through all the requisite hoops and sending my test updates to the specially tailored address Facebook provided, it was returned to me as undeliverable: recipient refused.  Turns out Facebook's server killed off my emails under the suspicion that they were spam... despite the fact that it's the same address I use to log onto FB.

This is making my head hurt.

I really, REALLY have to fix Nadia again...


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