Denial of Service

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So, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.
In solidarity with Jillian (and in keeping with my own burgeoning Faith), I've decided to give a few things up for the forty days of Lent.

They are, in no particular order:
Personal use of the Internet:  Gone are Facebook, Twitter, eBay, forums, blogging, and email.  I'll even have to limit my cellphone use to voice communications, as both my Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked to my phone.  The only exceptions will be the three outstanding eBay transactions which are a couple of weeks late, and my work-related email. Thus, if you need to get ahold of me, you'll have to phone me, write me a letter, or track me down in person.  This shouldn't be TOO hard, as I recently lived without home internet for a year (2009)... and I hardly have time to blog anymore anyway ;)
Junk Food:  Self-explanatory.  No pop, chips, chocolate, etc.  No snacking between meals, either.
Swearing:  Admittedly the toughest of all, as my vocabulary is quite... colourful.  No cursing (eg. Jesus!, Damn it!, etc), nothing that SOUNDS like a curse word (Fark!, Cripes! Darn!, Geez!, etc), and certainly no swearing in other languages (as I am wont to do!).

Of course, the above are in addition to the traditional sacrifices during Lent (smaller meals, no eating between meals, no meat on Fridays, etc).

See you in forty days.

Speaking of Denial of Service, it looks as though 300 Baud magazine has called it quits after only three issues.  I've contributed two articles to the magazine (the first and last issues) and would be sad to see it go.

Sounds as though some of us want to help keep the magazine going, hopefully we can persuade the two fine gentlemen behind the magazine ...


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