An Explainable Prolonged Absence, Apparently...

(migrated from my Tripod blog on 11/05/2011)

As most (if not all) of our family and friends already know, The Priestess and I are engaged.

Nobody was surprised.

Despite dating for little over a month when I popped the question, we both knew it was time.  We've known each other for eleven years and have seen each other at our worst, yet are still absolutely crazy about each other.

Wedding day is set for Oct.8th.


Speaking of weddings, we'd made plans to attend the Wedding Show at the Winnipeg Convention Centre this weekend.

Unfortunately (well, fortunately, as it turns out) we'd both taken ill over the weekend, and as such were unable to attend.  We read a couple of online reviews (and Facebook comments from friends who did attend) and breathed a huge sigh of relief to hear we'd spared ourself a lot of grief.

We're planning to hold a very quiet, intimate, and very low-key  ceremony, which seemed to be at odds with the Wedding Show's theme of Opulence (as one reviewer put it).  Being that our budget is relatively small (three digits), Opulence wouldn't fit with our plans.

That, and the thought of being around dozens of potential Bridezillas (as the Priestess put it) appealed to neither of us.

More to come...


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