To a New Beginning

(migrated from my Tripod blog on 11/05/2011)

So, here we go again.

In deference to my Web 2.0 readership, I have set aside a bit of storage and bandwidth to bring you the reanimated version of my old blog, Conceit and Sociopathy.

When the Blogosphere is full, the Dead will walk the earth.

Seriously though, I've had a couple of people mention that they'd like my page a lot more if it were more interactive... like my old blog used to be.  As I hand-code my own HTML, and as my skillset isn't at the level where I can add such things myself, I decided to take the easy way out and use Tripod's built-in Blog Builder as I did on two previous occasions (Dove's Society Page and the Thugs' site, longtime readers will remember!).

It ain't pretty, but it's functional.  You can leave comments (moderated, of course), and there's a handy RSS feed too, so update your blogrolls, folks... I'll be doing the same in the next couple of days.

Before you ask... no, this doesn't mean the rest of the site is dead.  All the truly interesting stuff will be available solely via the original index page.

Speaking of interesting, I found another batch of old content from years gone by.  I came across an old 1Gb hard drive that I'd yanked from Raven, my old Powerbook 5300.  I'm currently going through it, and there's a couple of old chestnuts I think should see the light of day again... specifically a couple of pieces that will be of interest to a certain girl living in Belgium (hi Krstjan!)

At any rate, I'm debating whether to migrate Conceit and Sociopathy's content here, or to the main page's commentary section.  Either way, it'll require a bit of work.

Speaking of work, it's getting late.  Time to hit the sack.


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