I Love Winnipeg Cat, and McNally-Robinson in Trouble

I love the Winnipeg Cat blog.

Call it a guilty pleasure, sort of like sneaking a chocolate bar or bucket of fried chicken while on a strict diet. Many thanks to James of Slurpees and Murder fame for bringing this about!

I generated my first submission a few minutes ago, hope it makes the cut:

This subject has always been a pet peeve of mine...

Also, just got word that McNally-Robinson is fighting bankruptcy and are, in fact, closing their Polo Park store. Truth told, I knew they were headed for trouble when they moved their store from Portage Place to Polo Park (and opening a store in an upscale Toronto mall) while in the middle of a recession, so they've essentially brought it upon themselves.


Some people will tell you to "let the market decide". Well, I'm a part of that market, and I decide that I want McNally around. To this end, I'll be heading out to pick up a few books I've been putting off buying, and urge you all to do the same.

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  1. You mean, you actually followed a bookstore's bidness ?

    I don't get what the big fuss is all about. You want books, go to value village.

    Golly gee, I'd hate to see what would happen if Kurnhill went out of bidness.

  2. I know! The concept of consumer loyalty is a bit farfetched these days, so I can understand and forgive your confusion :P

    I do buy the odd book from Value Village, Goodwill, and the Sally Ann. Picked up a great biography on Abu Nidal for a buck!

    As for Kern-Hill, I never shopped there. Besides, it wasn't so much the store that's the Winnipeg institution here, it was Nick Hill and his iconic "Come on down!". Kern-Hill died with Nick.

    I'm sorry, Number One Son, but it's the truth.


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