Holiday Fireplace, Internet version

Want all the fun and excitement of the Holiday Fireplace but can't afford to sit in front of your TV all day?

Never fear, we here at the internet have you covered!

Thank you, YouTube!

(Sorry folks! I've received word that the embedded video was overlapping the right-hand columns of the blog in certain browsers. You're not missing anything important, but in the interest of fair play, I'll simply link to the video instead!)


  1. You need a big-ass CRT monitor in order to experience the full effect!

    I'm using a 20" CRT monitor that puts out great heat :)

  2. Hi Shaun, And what goes good with a warm fire? A good bottle of scotch and a rousing drinking song. So here is one my most recent favorites.

    There are others that are just as good on the site. Such as "Fuck you I'm drunk"

    Best regards. Ken

  3. Here"s the link for "FUCK YOU I'M Drunk"




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