A Secular Happy Annual Gift Day to all o' ya!

We here at C&S would like to take this time (while we're still mostly sober) to wish both all our readers a very Merry Christmas!

We'll be raisin' a glass to you and yours... all the best to you this Holiday Season!

We'll return after New Years!



  1. Merry Happy Seasons Xmas Holiday Greetings Sean,

    May your ales be cold, your adventures bold, with or without coal in your stocking!

  2. Coal in my stocking? What better gift for a part-time sociopath?

    It's better (and much more festive) than a billiard ball in a sock for clearing the aisles at those famous Winnipeg Boxing Day sales... plus you can burn the evidence!

  3. Merry Christmas to the management and staff of C&S, from the team at AWAP.

  4. The cats and I thank you, Cherenkov!

    Happy Holidays!


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