Announcing: My Retirement

After nearly sixteen long, eventful (and verbose) years, I have decided to retire my nickname.

No longer will I be known as Conceited Jerk.

It's been a good run, but CJ's best days are behind him now. Add to the fact that there are more people (mostly teenage brats) using the name, I figured it was time to move on.

Sooooo... from here on in, I'm writing this blog under my own (real) name.

Shaun M. Wheeler.


  1. Careful Shaun,

    You may inadvertently start a trend; whose next: Policy Froggie? Rod 'Noir'? Criminey, it may compel me to admit that my real name is Mr. ... ouch, ouch, .... damn, damn these hand cramps of mine!

  2. Ha! Nice!

    Good to see ya, Fat Arse!

    Now that I have my internet and TV back, I'll be blogging a lot more frequently... in addition to my usual drivel, I'm gonna be expressing actual opinions, so I figured if I'm gonna do that, I should stand behind what I say and use my real name.

    Credibility and accountability, y'know ;)

  3. Credible and accountable to Who?

    Hey , wheres my hardrive fix you bastid.

    ( do you need a 3Com 10/100 switch with a 100M optical transciever )- its a 3100 - 24 ports. )

  4. Sorry, Mr. N! Forgot about ya!

    Had my cable and internet hooked up last week and ended up glued to the soccer channels for over 24 hours straight. I will have a look 'round and see what I can come up with for an HD fix for ya.

    Credible and accountable to the nine or so people who read this blog (judging by my "followers") - most of whom don't care anyway! ;)

    Thanks for the offer of the switch, but I still have a shitload of Cisco stuff left over from my brief interest in getting my CCNA...

  5. @FA: Policy Froggie exposed himself recently at an event at RRC. Curtis spilled the beans on his blog. Funny coincidence: turns out I lived next door to him at one time.

    @Shaun Machiavelli Wheeler: well done on shedding the alias. Sadly there is too much retarded crap in the archives of my blog (not to mention the current posts) to attach my real name to it. I may have to start a new blog if I want to "come out"

  6. Well, I already know your first name, so anything else is academic ;)

  7. 'sides, "retarded crap" also describes much of my own blog ;)


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