Take Action / Speak Out On Copyright

Just received this from the EFF:

Last month, the Canadian government launched public consultations on the future
of copyright legislation in the digital age for the first time since 2001. The
government is seeking Canadians' input on why copyright matters, how copyright
laws can be sustainable for the knowledge economy, and what reforms the
government should prioritize. Show your support for balanced copyright laws that
encourage Internet freedom by submitting your comments online before September
13, 2009.


Despite Canada's public response to the excesses of C-61 over the past few
years, powerful lobbyists for the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA)
and the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association (CMPDA) are demanding
even stronger copyrights and harsher penalties in order to impose their aging
business models on the Internet. They're demanding that the government ban
citizens suspected of file-sharing from the Internet; they're demanding more
threatening penalties for web innovators; and they're seeking levies on private

Now is the time to participate in this important public debate about the role of
copyright for freedom and innovation. Take action at copyright expert Michal
Geist's "Speak Out on Copyright" website, and show that you care about freedom

Take action at the "Speak Out on Copyright" website:
I don't/shouldn't need to tell you why this is important.


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